Mapping attributes between IDP and the authentication context

Instructions on mapping identity attributes from the identity provider to the authentication context

By mapping your identity attributes, you unify attributes from all IDPs that your users authenticate with. It allows you to use a set of unified attributes throughout ACP for multiple purposes.


Unify IDP attributes with the authentication context

Further reading

For information on authentication context attributes, see Configuring authentication context attributes.


  1. Log in to the ACP Administrator Portal with your credentials.

  2. Select Identities from the left sidebar.

  3. Select an identity connection from the list of available IDPs.

  4. Select MAPPINGS from the top menu.

  5. Configure each source-target attributes pair so that a source attribute matches a target one.

    1. For an IDP attribute, select a source-attribute name from the drop-down list.

    2. For the corresponding authentication-context attribute, select a relevant target-attribute name from the drop-down list.

    3. Select SAVE MAPPINGS.

  6. To add a new mapping:

    1. Select ADD MAPPING.

    2. Configure the source-target attributes pair so that the source attribute matches the target one (see step 5).


      • If the source attribute is not defined (for example, if IDP provides a custom attribute, such as crm_id), you need to add this attribute to the attributes list for your identity before you add a mapping for this attribute.
      • To add an attribute for your identity, go to ACP Administrator Portal > Identities (left sidebar) > Identity (from the IDP list) > ATTRIBUTES tab > ADD ATTRIBUTE button.

    3. Select SAVE MAPPINGS.