ACP user

Read about the ACP built-in user consent management capabilities.

User persona

User or consumer in ACP represents the end user that consumes or interacts with API protected via ACP using client applications that are defined in ACP by developers.

In ACP the end user can perform the following actions:

  • Grant consents to internals or third-party applications,
  • View and manage permissions granted to client applications,
  • View and manage privacy settings.

Technically, the end user or the consumer is a user connected to any of the workspaces except for administrator and developer ones.


You can configure who can act as a user with the use of ACP BYOID. With different workspaces, you can also separate your user groups.

End-user portal

ACP comes with the user portal, where all the features for end users are available.

Further reading

See ACP user portal description for more details.