ACP developer

Learn about ACP built-in developer enablement features that allow you to easily introduce third-party and internal developer applications.

Developer persona

Cloudentity supports two scenarios within the ACP developer concept. Depending on your company politics, the developer can be:

  • Internal company employee, if only trusted internally-built applications are allowed to access your APIs

  • External non-company individual, if your APIs and features are exposed for the third-party consumption.

Technically, the developer is a user connected to the developer workspace.


You can configure who can act as a developer using ACP BYOID. By supporting various OAuth and OIDC flows, ACP can be integrated with all kinds of applications, including web, mobile, backend, IoT.

Developer portal

ACP comes with the developer portal out of the box, which allows developers to create, configure and manage their applications.

All features for developers are available in the developer portal UI and can be also accessed via developer APIs.

Further reading

See ACP developer portal description for more details.