Cloudentity ACP OAuth concepts

OAuth 2.0 overview
Learn about OAuth authorization framework. Get to know what kind of roles are in the OAuth framework. Get familiar with the flow concept and see examples.
ACP OAuth authorization server
Description of the ACP OAuth authorization server
ACP authorization grant flows
Descriptions of grant flow types supported by ACP
ACP client authentication
Descriptions of ACP client authentication flow concepts.
Tokens in the service of protecting your applications and APIs
Find out what tokens are and explore different token types. Learn why you need to use tokens of specific types and check examples of tokens that you’re going to use.
Financial-grade API Security Profile
Get familiar with Financial-grade API Security Profile (FAPI): what it is and why is it important. Learn when it should be used and when you have to comply to its rules. Find out how Authorization Control Plane (ACP) can help you protect your APIs in a FAPI-compliant way.
ACP OAuth consents
Description of how consents are handled with ACP
Pushed authorization requests
Learn what pushed authorization requests (PARs) are, what their advantages are, and when you should think about enabling PAR. Get familiar with the endpoint for pushed authorization requests. Learn how Authorization Control Plane provides you with a possibility to use PAR.