Smart ACP login portal

Explore how you can make your logging in with Authorization Control Plane (ACP) easier and quicker. Check the features that ACP offers for a smooth and user-friendly access to ACP portals.

Logging in to ACP in a nutshell

On top of standard login flows and features, such as the credentials prompt or the keep-me-signed-in checkbox, ACP offers a few intelligent login solutions that can simplify your work and improve your efficiency. ACP learns your login patters and, based on those, enhances your login page with additional shortcuts and features. You get an easy and quick access to your favorite workspaces, most-frequently-used IDP, and more, all directly from the login page.


You have an ACP administrator’s account.

Quick access view

The Quick access view is a feature that enables you to log in to a specific workspace or developers portal directly from the login page without logging in to the Admin workspace first.

Quick access is another tab on the login page, located right next to the default Admin sign in tab. It only shows if you have at least one workspace or developer portal bookmarked. Otherwise, your login page provides only one default sign-in prompt.

The Quick access view shows the list of your bookmarked workspaces and developers portals, the ones you selected as your favorite and most-often visited. To add an item to Quick access, you need to bookmark it in Workspace Directory by selecting Add to quick access. See the video instruction to check how to configure your Quick access view.

Video instruction

IDP hints

ACP login page enables you to log in with your IDPs that are active for particular workspace or developers portal without logging in to the workspace or the developer portal first.

IDP hints are available in the Or continue with section of the login page. They are displayed only if you have at least one non-static IDP enabled for a workspace or a developer portal.

To add an IDP hint to your login page, you need to enable it in the Identities page for your workspace. To learn how to configure your IDP hints and check if this setup works, see the video or steps 1-4.

IDP-hints video guide


  1. Select a workspace or a developer portal from Workspace Directory or from the Workspaces dropdown (if already inside some workspace).

  2. From the workspace/portal sidebar, select Identities.

  3. From the Identities list, select Active toggles for all the IDPs that you want to enable.

  4. To verify your IDP-hints setup, try to log in to a demo application within the configured workspace or in to the Admin workspace, depending on what space you enabled IDPs in.

Remember my IDP

ACP login page allows you to select an IDP that would be used for logging in with by default. With the Remember my Identity Provider toggle switch available at the bottom of the login page, you can pick an IDP to log in with next time.

To make an IDP default for future logins, select the Remember my Identity Provider toggle and log in with the desired IDP. To check how it works, see the video.

Remember-my-IDP video guide


You can give up your remembered IDP at any time and pick any other IDP from among your active identities by selecting Select a different account in the login page.

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