Multitenancy in Cloudentity ACP

Description of ACP multi-tenant deployment

Tenant model

Cloudentity Authorization Control Plane (ACP) can support separate tenants. It is possible to deploy ACP in the single-tenant mode or the multi-tenant mode.


The multi-tenant deployment enables you, as an ACP owner, to create distinct tenants that are logically separated. The ACP owner can create new tenants either by using the authorization tenants create command or by interacting with system-level APIs (/api/system/tenants/).


The multitenancy in ACP allows you to deploy ACP as a SaaS application and provide dedicated advanced authorization capabilities for each of your clients or partners.

Multi-workspace setup

The tenant model works in concert with a multi-workspace representation that enables you to have multiple authorization servers per tenant, providing a flexible model that can be fitted in to your organizational structure.

The figure shows logical dependencies between tenants, workspaces, and ACP components.

Tenant vs Workspace