Configuring ACP tenants

Accessing tenant-level configuration menu
Check the global settings for all workspaces within your tenant.
Configuring MFA on a tenant
Explore MFA configuration options that Authorization Control Plane (ACP) offers for your tenant. Learn how to handle the MFA settings on the tenant level so that all the workspaces available for a particular tenant share the same MFA configuration. Set up e-mail and phone delivery using either Cloudentity-native solutions or your own Twilio/SMTP providers.
Configuring the ACP look and feel for the users
This article can be of a particular interest for ACP administrators who would like to configure the ACP look and feel for their users and developers. The admins can find here information on what they can customize in ACP UI and how to do it using the ACP portal.
Setting up authentication context
Authorization Control Plane (ACP) allows you to set attributes defining the ACP-standard authentication context schema.