Protecting APIs on Istio

Installing Istio Authorizer
This article provides instructions on how to install ACP’s Istio Authorizer in Kubernetes to enforce access control for services and APIs deployed behind the Istio Service Mesh.
Discovering APIs on Istio
Understand the principles behind the discovery of APIs deployed on Kubernetes with Istio by ACP.
Deploying and protecting HTTP services
Instructions on how to deploy and protect HTTP services.
Deploying and protecting gRPC services
Instructions on how to deploy and protect gRPC services.
Protecting GraphQL APIs
Authorization Control Plane (ACP) Istio Authorizer has the capability to discover your GraphQL APIs so that you can protect them with policies. You can either assign policies in ACP or use the declarative approach and assign them directly in your GraphQL schema files, and this instruction explains how to do it.
Declarative configuration import for Istio Authorizer
For ACP deployment agents can import and declaratively configure gateways, client applications, policies, and APIs. Learn how to utilize the built-in importJob to speed up your workflow and provide access control for your APIs.
Istio Authorizer configuration reference
Learn how to configure your Istio Authorizer’s settings to adjust the authorizer’s behavior to your needs.