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ACP Features

Cloudentity ACP OAuth concepts
Descriptions of ACP OAuth concepts
Cloudentity ACP administrative workspaces
Learn about ACP workspaces. Get to know what they are. Learn about their characteristics and usage.
Multitenancy in Cloudentity ACP
Description of ACP multi-tenant deployment
Using Data Lineage
Learn about the data integration possibilities brought to you by Authorization Control Plane’s Data Lineage.
Cloudentity ACP authorization policies
Description of ACP authorization policies
Cloudentity ACP services
Description of ACP services
ACP user portals description
Description of features offered in the three ACP web portals
Client secrets management
Learn how Authorization Control Plane (ACP) allows you to manage your clients secrets. Find out what client secrets are and how the management of secrets can affect your system security.
Cloudentity ACP privacy features
Description of ACP privacy features
Bring your Own Identity with ACP
Description of the BYOID concept by ACP
Device Flow: Access Control for Devices
In a system, where devices are used for access to services and APIs, businesses must ensure appropriate security measures and as much optimal user experience as possible for the end users. Learn how Cloudentity helps organizations to tackle the challenge of Authorization for Devices.
IDP discovery in ACP
Get familiar with the IDP discovery feature that comes shipped with Authorization Control Plane (ACP) and allows you to enhance the user experience and improve the login process for your users.
Authorization for GraphQL
Description of the GraphqlQL API authorization in ACP authorizers
Dynamic scopes in ACP
Description of the dynamic scope concept in ACP
Extending Cloudentity
When purchasing platform subscriptions, developers get a set of generic tools common for all organizations. What if your usecase is more advanced and need-specific? Learn how Cloudentity enables developers to extend its platform capabilities to solve company-specific, complex challenges.
Stateful authorization with ACP
This article helps you understand the concept of the stateful authorization and motivations behind its application. Also, you can find here a short instruction on how to enable this feature per IDP (identity provider) in the ACP admin portal.
Configurable External Authorization for APIs
Configure external authorization for APIs using the Authorization Control Plane (ACP)
Dynamic Authorization and API Discovery for Istio
Discover the use of dynamic authorization and API discovery for Istio
Dynamic Authorization and API Discovery for Kong
Discover the use of dynamic authorization and API discovery for Kong
Signing keys management
Learn how ACP allows you to manage your signing keys. Find out what signing keys are and how the management of keys can affect your system security.
ACP search and filters capabilities
Learn how to speed up your workflow by using the ACP search and filters capabilities.
Multi-tenant authorizers
This article helps you understand the concept of multi-tenant authorizers. It helps to understand their usecases. It describes how multi-tenant authorizers work.
Transactional MFA with ACP
Discover Multi-factor Authentication (MFA) use cases that Authorization Control Plane (ACP) supports. Check how to enable MFA in your workspace and how to set up the MFA protection for basic scenarios.
Getting business audit data using ACP's audit events
Learn how to get business audit data with ACP’s audit events such as, for example, login events, MFA events, token mints, and more.