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Open Banking

Why use ACP for enabling Open Banking
Description of ACP features that makes it an optimal tool for enabling Open Banking
Open Banking Brazil Overview
Learn how the Open Banking Brazil directive aims at improving the process of sharing data and financial services between different financial institutions.
Consumer Data Right Overview
This article provides an overview of the Australian Consumer Data Right (CDR) system. Learn what CDR is and what kind of problems it aims to solve. Learn what parties exist within CDR system. Get familiar with a simplified process of a consumer granting their consent for using their data by third-party applications.
Open Banking flow of actions powered by ACP
Description of how Open Banking works and what integration processes it requires. This article is to show the most typical Open Banking (OB) flow of actions. It explains who initiates particular actions to make the OB environment operational eventually. You’ll find here a complex process of integration between multiple elements explain in simple terms.
Open Banking participants
Description of personas involved in Open Banking activities
What makes an Open-Banking-compliant Fintech application
Description of Open Banking requirements that a Fintech app needs to meet
Open Banking consents management
This article sheds light on the process of managing consents as defined in Open Banking specifications. It is to help you understand responsibilities of specific OB players in the context of the consent creation and administration. Finally, you’ll find here information on methods for managing consents in accordance with OB standards.
Open Banking payments
This article provides a description of payment transactions in an Open Banking environment. It explains what PSD2 is and how it affects banking. It describes what a Payment Initiation Service and Payment Initiation Service Provider are and how they benefit from PSD2. It provides information what Account Servicing Payments Service Provider is.