Get familiar with the concept of ACP and how it can help you.

ACP concept

Cloudentity Authorization Control Plane (ACP) is a cutting edge platform for the API access control. ACP consolidates capabilities of a modern OAuth/OIDC server with an advanced authorization, consent management, and developer enablement.

ACP integration

By adopting the BYOID pattern, ACP can integrate with any of the existing identity providers, including Cloudentity Digital Identity Plane. On the enforcement side, it is possible to integrate with Cloudentity-provided MicroPerimeter security tools or utilize any OAuth-enabled API gateway.

api enablement platform

ACP benefits

Benefits of adopting ACP for your organization

  • Modern API access control,
  • Advanced authorization,
  • Modern privacy and consent,
  • Open banking and financial data exchange.

ACP features

Each instance of ACP offers

  • Modern authorization server with:
    • Latest OAuth2-related specification support (FAPI, PKCE),
    • Powerful policies, wysiwyg, versioning, and centralized governance,
  • Privacy and consent to improve the customer experience and simplify compliance,
  • Application identity and zero-trust services, applications, and developers managed centrally,
  • Third-party developer involvement with the developer self-service portal to create and secure applications quickly,
  • Ultra-scalable and lightweight operation: 60x performance increase over the competition.