Getting Started with ACP


Launch and try ACP as quickly as possible.

Launch ACP

  1. Go to the Cloudentity portal and select Try now.

  2. In the Start Your Trial Today dialog box, either

    • Fill in your contact details and select GET STARTED if it’s your first sign-up for the trial, or

    • Select Login here if you’ve signed up for the trial before.

  3. Go to your mail box, open the Trial Account Activation mail from Cloudentity, and select START DEMO.


    After opening the activation link, you need to set up your password before logging in.

  4. Log in to the demo.


You are welcomed to the ACP demo and invited to start your tour from Administrator Portal.

Try the administrator portal

From the ACP demo welcome page, select Administrator Portal.


Administrator Portal opens, which allows you to explore multiple features and functions the portal offers.

Learn more

For more information on the administrator portal, see Administrator.

Check out the authorization flow

From the ACP demo welcome page, select Demo Application.


The consent page gets displayed and leads you into User Portal.

Learn more

For information on granting and managing ACP consents, see ACP OAuth consents.